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The new collection of tips for air/water syringe





Using RISKONTROL air/water syringe tips protects practitioners and their patients against risks of direct or cross-contamination. Furthermore, the risk of microbial migration into the dental unit’s air and water lines is eliminated.

These flexible, bendable, single-use tips without shape memory are practical, quick to fit and remove. It is no longer necessary to clean, decontaminate and sterilise the original tip of your air/water syringe (or ensure its traceability), which will save you a considerable amount of time.

RISKONTROL can be used on all types of syringe.



RISKONTROL is now available in 4 new colors associated with 4 flavours : Liquorice, Aniseed, Mandarin, Blackcurrant.



With ART BY RISKONTROL tips, create the right atmosphere in your practice.


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In terms of hygiene, PIERRE ROLLAND, ACTEON Pharma, is taking another step towards to the office protection with the introduction of RISKONTROL Total Protec.
Over and above the safety that single-use tips offer patients, RISKONTROL Total Protec has a flexible sheath that protects the air/water syringe unit against risks of contamination.
With the unique RISKONTROL Total Protec, only PIERRE ROLLAND offers complete protection in one single product.
RISKONTROL Total Protec is available in boxes of 100 blue or white non-sterile tips with protections.


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EXPASYL, developed and manufactured by Pierre Rolland, is a very innovative system of access to the cervical limits. ExpasylTM is a no-trauma and reversible method for gingival retraction which replaces all conventional, often traumatic, techniques. With Expasyl you can open the marginal gingiva without damaging the epithelial attachment. 


To be always updated and to answer to Dentists and their patients needs, PIERRE ROLLAND Company is presenting the new Expasyl :


Expasyl with Strawberry Aroma : now, Expasyl paste is also available with a strawberry taste, much more comfortable and nice-tasting for patients.


Pre-bended canulas : for an easiest, quicker and more precise application. Moreover, tips are now longer - 40mm against 36mm – for dentist comfort.


New Packaging : the PREMIUM Kit contains 10 capsules of paste with strawberry aroma, 40 pre-bended cannulas and a manual applicator, for an optimum use.



Key features :

- Automatic aperture of the entry slot, PSP ! X recognizes the size of the inserted plate.

- Automatic readout after insertion of the imaging plate.

- After the Imaging Plate is read, it is also erased and then automatically ejected.

- PSP ! X has a built-in erasing system. The Imaging plates are ready for immediate reuse.

- PSP ! X automatically switches to the energy saving mode when it is not used for a certain period of time.


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