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PIERRE ROLLAND dental pharmaceutical laboratories designs, manufactures and sells products for exclusive use by dentists not only in France but around the world.



The new collection of tips for air/water syringe




Using RISKONTROL air/water syringe tips protects practitioners and their patients against risks of direct or cross-contamination.

Furthermore, the risk of microbial migration into the dental unit’s air and water lines is eliminated.

These flexible, bendable, single-use tips without shape memory are practical, quick to fit and remove.

It is no longer necessary to clean, decontaminate and sterilise the original tip of your air/water syringe (or ensure its traceability), which will save you a considerable amount of time.


RISKONTROL can be used on all types of syringe.




RISKONTROL is now available in 5 new colors associated with 5 flavours : Liquorice, Aniseed, Mandarin, Blackcurrant, Mint.

With ART BY RISKONTROL tips, create the right atmosphere in your practice.





System for temporary gingival retraction


Expasyl is a paste for temporary gingival retraction that ensures separation of the marginal gingiva and drying of the sulcus.


Usually one capsule allows 2 to 3 retractions, up to 8 retractions depending on technique.

The main characteristics of Expasyl are as follows :


• Respect of the periodontium : the consistency of Expasyl is especially formulated not to damage the healthy periodontium ; the phenomena of gingival recession or bone resorption are thus avoided.


• Optimal ergonomics and appreciable saving of time : gingival retraction is obtained by a single application of Expasyl in the sulcus. After one to two minutes, Expasyl, easily visible owing to its colour, is simply eliminated by an air and water spray, and a dry and widely opened sulcus is then obtained.


• Painless method when Expasyl is used on a healthy periodontium.


• Expasyl has astringent and hemostatic surface properties by compression : absence of bleeding or oozing allows a perfectly dry sulcus to be achieved.


• Mean duration of retraction : 1 to 2 minutes according to operative conditions





For an effective and fast gingival retraction, SULCUS BLUE is syringed directly into the sulcus in an easy and quick application.

The adhesive property of SULCUS BLUE on the mucous, unrivalled to date, allows intimate contact with the soft tissues.

The astringent power of Aluminium chloride is facilitated. Hemostasis is achieved in seconds­.

In 2 minutes of compression SULCUS BLUE combined with SULCUS CAP, ensures perfect­ gentle sulcular opening. The result is a perfectly dry, accessible prep area, ideal for quality impressions, restorations or cementations under ideal conditions.


Excellent, rapid, atraumatic Retraction

Immediate Hemostasis


• Direct, easy, fast, precise application.
• Good tolerance.
• Hemostatic with mechanical action.
• Painless procedure – Pleasant taste.
• Simple elimination with a gentle water spray : visible blue colored paste.
• Maximun preservation : each syringe is packaged in resealable pouches.


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