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Riskontrol - Ecologic

Ecologic By RISKONTROL®, an environmentally-friendly range


Disposable tips for air-water syringe


ACTEON® is always developing new products in the RISKONTROL® range.


In 2012 we changed the design so the tips lock on the adapter to avoid any risk of accidental ejection, which is very important. The grip was improved for an easy setting-up and removal of the tip, and the alignment of the tip on the adapter is guided.


The RISKONTROL® range currently has 4 versions, and we are proud to announce a brand new product : Ecologic By RISKONTROL®, an environmentally-friendly range, where the tips are without dye, degradable, recyclable, pollution free in case of combustion and made in France.


The tips are disposable and non-sterile.


Ecologic By RISKONTROL® is available in a dispenser box of 250 tips with natural color.






The first cord-paste ever




I work at my own pace

Expazen is easily placed within 20 seconds

It acts in 1 to 2 minutes.

It can remain in the sulcus up to 12 minutes


I simplify my gesture

Expazen capsule fits in composite applicator

It delivers a cord-paste dense and wide enough

No risk of damage to the epithelial attachment


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