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MiniLED SuperCharged


Satelec®, leading manufacturer of innovative dental curing lamps, introduces the Mini LED SuperCharged. An affordable alternative to the plasma lamp, the Mini LED SuperCharged has been developed from Satelec technology into a concentration of power, ergonomics and design. 
The initial power, rated at 2000 mWatt/cm², can reach 3000 mWatt/cm² using the “BoosterTip” - on a par with the best plasma lamps. Most composites are cured in just a few seconds, without any risk of raising the pulp temperature.
The back-lit display screen, together with the wide choice of times and menus available, ensure the practitioner precise control of the clinical treatment. The fact that there is no fan, combined with its light weight and compact design, make the instrument easy to handle in ideal conditions of total hygiene and safety.
Inside the anodized aluminum case, Satelec’s patented technology features a high-yield LED that emits within the optimal light spectrum meaning that composites are cured perfectly. The SMC electronics are driven by one of the latest Lithium Ion batteries, which guarantee the Mini LED SuperCharged long life and reliability.



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Satelec® presents a new kit for periodontal maintenance, comprising three ultrasonic instruments : two round-ended, ultra-fine micro-tips and one straight probe, delivered in a sterilization box with three individual dynamometric wrenches.

These ultrasonic tips are the slimmest on the market, ideally suited to periodontal debridement on very fine periodontium or in very narrow interproximal spaces, such as crown overlapping or roots.

Used under low power (green or perio mode), they remove biofilm (plaque) and light concretions inside the periodontal pocket, with little or no pain. The straight tip is etched with a marking to measure pocket depth.

If necessary, they can be used for short periods at medium power (blue or scaling mode) thanks to their rounded end and small diameter which allow them access into very narrow or difficult-to-reach areas, for example to remove slight overflow of sealing cement when fitting prosthetics.

The P2L and P2R tips are micro-tips with a rounded end, angled to the left or the right respectively. They are recommended for periodontal debridement in the case of very fine periodontium and in narrow areas. The short probe TK1-1S is a mini-tip designed for checking shallow to average pocket depth (<4 mm), as well as for straightforward maintenance.



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PerfectMargin™ Shoulder


Satelec® presents an additional version of the PerfectMarginTM kit introduced in 2005 for gentle sulcus penetration to define permanent subgingival limits prior to impression taking. In this new version, the finish line is given a distinctive shoulder shape with rounded internal angle, hence the name : PerfectMarginTM Shoulder.

The active part of the two diamond-coated, and one smooth, PMS tips is flat-ended with a rounded edge to better prepare the cervical margin “lip” and give a finer finish inside the sulcus.

Thanks to the low amplitude ultrasonic vibration, associated with a highly efficient diamond coating (PMS1 and PMS2), the PerfectMargin Shoulder kit will be preferred over the diamond bur in many situations. The tactile sense they procure that cannot be achieved with a bur, and their 1-mm marking to gauge penetration, are further guarantees of safe, precise treatment, resulting in a perfect fit and long life for your crowns.



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The current trend in surgical Endodontics is minimally-, or even non-invasive protocols that treat the entire root canal, using an operating microscope and high-tech micro-instruments.

Satelec® presents the EndoSuccess Apical SurgeryTM kit of five ultrasonic instruments, developed to perform the exclusive 3-6-9 protocol for micro-apical surgery. 

The active part of the instruments has a new diamond coating that enhances their efficacy, allowing more precise and controlled retro-endodontic treatment and conserves more bone and dental tissues. The root canal is preserved, the infection eradicated at its origin. 

The first instrument in the protocol is the AS 3D universal tip with a 3 mm working length, next comes the AS 6D, to reach 6 mm and the AS 9D is used in certain cases up to the coronal third (9 mm). Finally, the AS LD (left oriented) and AS RD (right oriented) tips treat premolars to a working length of 3 mm.



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Quaz is a class B steam autoclave in strict application of the
current standard. It is designed exclusively for use in medical grade
class B cycles, regardless of the load type : 134° ;C-4 minutes and 18
minutes ; 121° ;C-15 minutes, vacuum and Bowie & Dick tests.

ReFLEX technology combines the computing power of a microprocessor,
real-time data from 12 sensors and a single mathematical algorithm for
cycle data management. Associated with a high-performance water steam
generator and a high-power vacuum pump, ReFLEX ensures the fastest
cycles possible, whatever the volume of the load.

Quaz’s many
functions can be commanded by means of its large, simple and
user-friendly touchscreen.
Its 7.5-liter distilled water tank is
very easy to fill.
Lastly, to ensure traceability the settings of
all of past cycles can be recorded on an SD card, or printed, as



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