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SOPIX² inside

SOPIX² inside digital sensor is a unique worldwide concept which protects patients against useless radiations.


Through ACE technology, patented by SOPRO, an exclusive communication is established between SOPIX² inside sensor and X-Mind unity intraoral X-Ray system. The X-rays emission is stopped as soon as the patient received the necessary dose adapted to their dental morphology. ACE technology reduces the patient’s dose by up to 52% compared to a standard exposure !

Moreover, the dose received by the patient is now traceable on the imaging software.


Directly integrated in the arm of X-Mind unity intraoral X-Ray system, SOPIX² inside offers a more ergonomic and well-organized working environment. Easy to reach, the sensor is always ready for optimal working comfort.




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Smart design, ergonomics and compact with a consistent image quality, PSP !X, the new Digital Imaging Plate System by SOPRO/Acteongroup is designed to make intra oral imaging in the dental office easier and more efficient. Four sizes of Imaging plates, thin and flexible with an active area optimized to 100%.
With PSP !X, the readout process of 4.3 sec. is completely automatic and a screen allows you to control the different steps of the process and to view your shot.



Key features :

- Automatic aperture of the entry slot, PSP ! X recognizes the size of the inserted plate.

- Automatic readout after insertion of the imaging plate.

- After the Imaging Plate is read, it is also erased and then automatically ejected.

- PSP ! X has a built-in erasing system. The Imaging plates are ready for immediate reuse.

- PSP ! X automatically switches to the energy saving mode when it is not used for a certain period of time.


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Serious consideration of the needs of the restorative dentistry practitioner, combined with SOPRO’s established expertise in surgical and dental imagery, has made it possible to develop the SOPROLIFE, a fluorescence imaging system based on technological efficiency. By making use of the auto fluorescence of dentine, the SOPROLIFE becomes an indispensable aid for the practitioner preferring minimally invasive dentistry.


In its three operating modes (Diagnostic, Treatment, Daylight), the SOPROLIFE is used “live” as it is free from ultraviolet or ionising radiation.


An anatomical view of the tooth as a native fluorescent image facilitates assessment of the condition of the tissue under observation.



The SoproLIFE enhances effectiveness and efficiency, in that it facilitates the process of assessing the risk of caries by highlighting the level of activity in risk-prone areas.
Because it can be adapted to the most complex of clinical situations, it enables the practitioner to quickly adjust his treatment options.


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