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MiniLED SuperCharged

MiniLED SuperCharged


Satelec®, leading manufacturer of innovative dental curing lamps, introduces the Mini LED SuperCharged. An affordable alternative to the plasma lamp, the Mini LED SuperCharged has been developed from Satelec technology into a concentration of power, ergonomics and design. 
The initial power, rated at 2000 mWatt/cm², can reach 3000 mWatt/cm² using the “BoosterTip” - on a par with the best plasma lamps. Most composites are cured in just a few seconds, without any risk of raising the pulp temperature.
The back-lit display screen, together with the wide choice of times and menus available, ensure the practitioner precise control of the clinical treatment. The fact that there is no fan, combined with its light weight and compact design, make the instrument easy to handle in ideal conditions of total hygiene and safety.
Inside the anodized aluminum case, Satelec’s patented technology features a high-yield LED that emits within the optimal light spectrum meaning that composites are cured perfectly. The SMC electronics are driven by one of the latest Lithium Ion batteries, which guarantee the Mini LED SuperCharged long life and reliability.



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