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The Cone Beam WhiteFox

The revolution in the Radiology 3D


Made by Acteon, the WhiteFox system is a Cone Beam Computed Tomography System with big field of view making the diagnostic the most complete and precise in the fields such as Cephalometry, Orthodontics and Gnathology, TMJ Analysis, Inplantology planning, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery so does Endodontics.

The Housefield units calibration, commonly used on medical CT scanners, is a unique WhiteFox feature for the dental CBCT. Not only does it allow the possibility to obtain an image with a higher quality but also provides a precise and relevant measure of the tissues density.
Therefore, using the WhiteFox does not only save time for the operator, it is also a work tool essential for daily use while still providing a more reliable diagnosis, clearer vision, the assurance of a more precise surgery protocol as well as ensuring better safety for patients.


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