ACTEON® is your privileged partner in your dental procedures daily routine with complete solutions to provide the most effective, convenient and comfortable care for your patients. 

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A unique solution for all Prophylaxis procedures
Through the years, ACTEON® has established itself as an innovation leader in imaging and ultrasonic by delivering high standards and excellence in dentistry, based on a strong know-how. Prophylaxis workflow by ACTEON® offers a complete solution for dentists during each step of the patient management, improves care and serves the best interests to both clinicians and patients. The communication between the dentist and the patient is great for patient compliance and acceptance in the follow-up of the treatment: clinicians and patients speak the same language.

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Prosthetic & restorative

A complete ecosystem of products to support the clinicians in each phase of any prosthetic or restorative procedure. ACTEON® provides cutting-edge solutions aimed to improve the efficacy of the workflow from diagnosis to treatment delivery, ensuring the finest care for the patient. The ACTEON® portfolio encloses a long-lasting experience in Imaging and Pharma, resulting in a smart and complete offer of diagnostic systems and products designed to implement a truly atraumatic preparation protocol, all tailored on the needs of an efficient prosthetic workflow. The integration with the unique ACTEON® software suite creates an environment intended to speed up diagnostic and planning phases and to improve the communication with the patient, external partners and dental laboratories.


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A complete offer covering all the steps of the implantology workflow
Being a leader in imaging and ultrasound, ACTEON® is offering top-of-the-range and innovative products, which help the practitioners delivering safe and comfortable treatments. ACTEON® responds to implantologists needs, with a unique and comprehensive solution, allowing the dentists to perform a complete implantology procedure, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up in the most effective and easy way. By offering the gold standard in piezoelectric surgery, the procedures are less traumatic for patients, and immediate implant placement is possible. The patient experience is improved thanks to a good understanding of the surgery with the image visualization. The procedures are faster and less painful. Expertise and innovation make the uniqueness of the implantology workflow by ACTEON®.

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Implant Maintenance

"A dedicated solution to preserve and to clean implant surfaces and surrounding tissues for long term success.
With its exclusive range of products, ACTEON allows practitioners to perform fast, accurate and less invasive procedures, from the assessment to the treatment to improve oral health of implant & patient confidence"


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Caries detection

A unique and complete bundle of products to detect, diagnose and treat caries early.
With its innovative imaging and ultrasonic solutions, ACTEON® offers practitioners fast and thorough procedures allowing less invasive and reliable caries detection and treatment, thus improving profesionnal performances and communication with patients.

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The clinical workflow solution for Periodontics
An effective solution specially designed to cover all steps of periodontal care. With its wide range of high-quality products, ACTEON® supports practitioners during all periodontal treatments to ensure patients' comfort and saftey thanks to precise treatments within the Periodontics Workflow. 

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ACTEON provides a complete solution to meet clinicians’ clinical needs in each phase of endodontic treatment.
The R&D team worked closely with clinicians to create innovative products that makes all treatments more comfortable, reliable and effective than ever before. ACTEON endodontic workflow solution exceeds expectations of dental professionals for the best treatment experience possible.