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Remote Assistance Liability Disclaimer:

Disclaimer Information

By requesting and allowing remote support of your computer or computing devices within your care, you hereby release ACTEON Inc. and any or all of its employees that may or may not directly influence the activities of the device from any and all liability including but not limited to:

1. malfunction of the device;
2. corruption of data on the device;
3. a virus, spyware, or any other malicious intent software appearing on the machine;
4. the machine performing slowly or erratically (compared to previous use);
5. any activities which may necessitate an independent information technology or “computer service” company becoming involved to repair any or all changes or data mishaps that may result whether directly or indirectly related to the remote assistance service provided by ACTEON Inc.

Furthermore, you hereby understand that this remote assistance service is provided as a courtesy to support ACTEON Inc.’s products and is in no way a guaranteed service, or guaranteed to rectify your issue or for whatever reason the remote assistance service was suggested or requested.

Also, you acknowledge the fact that even with this service provided by ACTEON Inc., it is entirely possible it may still be necessary to involve the efforts of an outside or independent agency for support of your computers or equipment.

You also understand, acknowledge and agree that all data regarding or relating to ACTEON is owned by ACTEON, exclusively, and that at any time under the instruction of ACTEON, you shall return, remove or destroy such data, and failure to comply with any portion of this document shall render you liable for ACTEON’s damages, attorneys fees, costs and entitle ACTEON to injunctive relief against you if ACTEON deems that necessary, in its sole discretion. You further submit to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington County knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently for any action regarding or relating to this subject matter.


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