AIS Software

AIS Software

Excel in your analysis in record time with the powerful, intuitive and high-precision software

AIS: a UNIQUE imaging software for minimally invasive solutions from ACTEON

AIS  makes  ACTEON  a  leader in the global imaging market.  This versatile, scalable imaging software provides a single solution for all of ACTEON's imaging products. It facilitates diagnosis with intuitive image manipulation, simplifies implant planning, and promotes patient communication through personalized reports. AIS provides technical innovation and versatility making it THE gold standard for dental imaging.



ACTEON Imaging Suite® can be linked to most Practice Management Software and can be installed on the sharing devices on the clinic's computers as well as on a common centralised database.

There is no need to use multiple imaging software to handle each part of your equipment, AIS will connect to all Acteon imaging products as well as to other digital devices with the TWAIN* function.

* On the condition that the device is TWAIN compatible itself. Ask for a list of implant manufacturers.


The ACTEON® Imaging Suite software offers intuitive navigation and advanced functionality. It alone lets you manage all of your images, from scanning to viewing images from all ACTEON® imaging devices (CBCT, Panoramic, intraoral digital X-ray system, intraoral camera, etc.) and much more:

  • Implant planning
  • Crown placement
  • Mandibular nerve tracing
  • Easy navigation in different sections
  • Mouse control
  • Bone density assessment and volume measurement
  • Surface, distance and angle measurement
  • Substantial and scalable implant library
  • Printed implant report
  • Superior design
  • Clean lines
  • User-friendly
  • Open architecture
  • Full integration
  • Sharing of information on a network
  • Cases exported on a CD or USB stick
  • Exported in STL format
  • Metal artifact reduction filter
  • Panoramic and cephalometric image detail optimisation filter
  • ENT module
  • Virtual endoscope
  • Integrates with various patient management software
  • Dicom compatible


Clear and intuitive icons are displayed according to which devices are connected, and menus and tools are clearly identified. Each image can be treated, filtered,annotated and measured with a large range of tools. They can be part of a report, exported in different formats, printed or sent via e-mail. AIS provides you with a unique Implant Library**, video function and dose traceability. ** Ask for a list of implant manufacturers


  • Superior design

  • Clean lines

  • User friendly

  • Open architecture

  • Full integration

  • Advanced functionalities