ACTEON® PURE REFLECT® Technology: Optimum solution for a perfect visual examination!

To meet modern dentistry standards, the exacting nature of the ACTEON® PURE REFLECT® mirrors offers a perfect image of the operating site with a reflection rate close to 100%, ensuring beyond the visible more reliable visual diagnosis. 
Available on the complete range of mouth mirrors, photographic mirrors and micro-mirrors, PURE REFLECT® technology is your best allies from perfect diagnostic to accurate treatment, for more predictable results.

An instrument for each clinical situation!                                       

ACTEON® hand instruments are a true extension of the practitioner's hand. They have ergonomics, accuracy and superior durability due to the quality of the metals used. It is in a region at the centre of the world’s cutlery capital, where steel processing is a question of expertise, that these instruments are designed to combine your needs to the patient’s anatomy.