A successful Symposium & Workshop at EAO!

Oct 22, 2018
A successful Symposium & Workshop at EAO!

We were very happy to take part in the EAO congress held in Vienna.

Our symposium was a great success. We had 200 participants who actively listen to Prof. Dr. Angelo Troedhan lectures about Piezotome Surgery and X-Mind Trium CBCT diagnosis.

Some key points to remember about the Symposium:

  • Piezotome® Cube allows a bone-lossless removal of teeth, roots and implants leaving the bony socket-walls fully intact.
  • Preservation of the original anatomy and dimensions of the alveolar crest for immediate or later implant-insertion is mandatory.
  • TRIUM-CBCT 3D, high precision: predictive bone-quality assessment for implant planification.

“New CBCT-technology with predictive bone-quality assessment and planning tools as well as Piezotomes with approved superior atraumaticity for bone-surgery are the “game-changers.”Prof. Dr. Angelo Troedhan



At least 250 people came to our on-booth workshop to learn and to try our Piezotome® Cube. Our Sales and Marketing teams guided and gave precious advices to all workshop participants.


A huge thanks to everyone!