Dr. Gerbault Interview - VSD Special Issue

Dec 9, 2019
Dr. Gerbault Interview - VSD Special Issue

On December, VSD (a French magazine for the general public) puts the spotlight on the new technics to "rejuvenate and become more beautiful" in its special issue "Esthetic surgery".
This magazine has quite naturally chosen to point out ultrasonic rhinoplasty and to interview Dr. Gerbault, plastic surgeon and co-inventor of our rhinoplasty tips

In September 2016, ACTEON® launched worldwide the first ultrasonic rhinoplasty kit, through its range of M+ ultrasonic medical generators, and  placed itself as leader. This progress in the rhinoplasty field offers a uniqualed work precision under direct vision. Patients aslo benefit of this progress: gentle surgery (less bruises and oedema) and results are more natural.
Once again, ACTEON
® shows its potential of innovation and opens new  perspectives in the medical field. 


"Today's rhinoplasty is much  less invasive
and above all,
allows to shape 
a tailor-made nose"

Dr. Gerbault