Acteon PHARMA (rangkaian produk yang diproduksi oleh Laboratoire Produits Dentaires Pierre Rolland) mendistribusikan berbagai produk farmasi dan bahan gigi sekali pakai.
Dari produk-produk kebersihan gigi dan dekontaminasi sampai anestesi gigi, dari endodontik ke produk prostesis, kami menyediakan bermacam obat-obatan gigi untuk membantu Anda menjadi lebih efisien.



Endodontic requires rigor and accuracy to treat through indirect vision the interior part of the tooth. To remove all infected tissues and all bacteria, a chemical and mechanical treatment of the root canal is needed. Therefore, to support you during this precise clinical procedure, our Endodontic range offers you a variety of dental pharmaceutical products from disinfection to the root canal obturation.


Good oral health contributes greatly to well-being and general health. When some pathologies or inconveniences affect the physical appearance of a person and disturbs her daily social relations, but also her ability to eat and express herself, the challenge is to recover an esthetic smile and a functional oral cavity. This is where our Prophylaxis & Periodontics range, including hemostasis, tissue regeneration and polishing, comes in to provide additional solutions to your clinical procedures.