Because we believe that scientific and technical progress must have the welfare of the human being at the forefront of our mind, we base our approach on minimally invasive clinical solutions and we listen to practitioners and their patients to ensure every innovation within ACTEON® is the result of collective and respectful intelligence. 

The R&D, product-marketing and production teams, in collaboration with world-leading expert-practitionners, have one common goal: an optimal quality of care.

This is Our behaviour.

Our challenge. Our DNA.



ACTEON® Imaging (manufactured by SOPRO® and de Götzen) promotes digital dental imaging systems and dental radiology.
From panoramic imaging systems to dental scanners (intraoral or extraoral imaging), ACTEON® offers a comprehensive product portfolio, allowing dentists to effortlessly achieve the highest quality level in dental care.




ACTEON® Equipment (manufactured by SATELEC®) produces and distributes, among others, ultrasonic generators, air polishers and curing lights. Specialist in dental devices equipment and accessories, ACTEON® proposes a wide range of products enabling dentists to perform the majority of clinical treatments. Our material is suited for all kind of dentistry from dental care (prophylaxis, periodontics, endodontics, surgical endodontics, implant care…) to surgical bone treatments, by bringing clinical benefits for patient and dental practitioner. Some of our dental appliances are also available in OEM, to be integrated in the chair of most manufacturers.


Our range of manual instrumentation falls within the great tradition of high-end cutlery in Thiers in the heart of France. And because innovation is part of our DNA we have surpassed ourselves as a result of our Medtech expertise. The resulting products are unique in the world, combining the exceptional quality of the stainless steel working part with ergonomics specifically designed to meet your daily requirements as a practitioner.

Ancestral excellence

For nearly 70 years we have been producing dental instruments in the same place where the art of cutlery was forged, along the River Durolle in the Puy-de-Dôme. Men and women have tamed the hydraulic force of this thundering river to develop mills and cutlery factories since the 15th Century. As the heirs to this ancestral excellence we have found the perfect match between craftsman’s expertise, industrial production and technological innovation. Since then ACTEON® has been developing top-of-the-range dental instruments and mirrors, which are unique in the world.