Our range of manual instrumentation falls within the great tradition of high-end cutlery in Thiers in the heart of France. And because innovation is part of our DNA we have surpassed ourselves as a result of our Medtech expertise. The resulting products are unique in the world, combining the exceptional quality of the stainless steel working part with ergonomics specifically designed to meet your daily requirements as a practitioner.

Ancestral excellence

For nearly 70 years we have been producing dental instruments in the same place where the art of cutlery was forged, along the River Durolle in the Puy-de-Dôme. Men and women have tamed the hydraulic force of this thundering river to develop mills and cutlery factories since the 15th Century. As the heirs to this ancestral excellence we have found the perfect match between craftsman’s expertise, industrial production and technological innovation. Since then ACTEON® has been developing top-of-the-range dental instruments and mirrors, which are unique in the world.



Visual examination is the first stage in diagnosis. So mirrors quickly became essential in dentistry as the practitioner's third eye. Knowing that in the oral cavity, dentists work with indirect vision, the compensation of a perfect image via these mirrors is essential in making a reliable diagnosis and performant treatment. From diagnostic to treatment, benefit from true colors reflection and reach an optimal performance for all clinical acts. Due to the flat soldering and the precise bevelling, the ACTEON® mirrors are more comfortable for the patient upon cheek retraction and impede blood and dirt retention. They prevent the light reflection in the eyes and so avoid eye fatigue.