ACTEON® surgical units are highly reliable tools, specially designed to meet everyone’s number one priority of improving patient care. Their unmatched performance, combined with the practitioner’s clinical expertise, paves the way for more precise, faster and pain-free dental procedures. Our dental equipment is able to perform coagulation and soft tissue incisions (Servotome®), pre-implant bone surgeries and dental implant placements (Piezotome® range).

ACTEON® Equipment (manufactured by SATELEC®) produces and distributes, amongst others, ultrasonic generators, airpolishers and curing lights. Specialist in dental devices equipment and accessories, Acteon® proposes a wide range of products enabling dentists to perform the majority of clinical treatments. Our material are suited for all kind of dentistry from dental care (prophylaxis, periodontics, endodontics, surgical endodontics, implant care…) to surgical bone treatments, by bringing clinical benefits for patient and practitioner. Some of our dental appliances are also available in OEM, to be integrated in the chair of most manufacturers.