An Unmatchable Communication Tool

Increase case acceptance and easily highlight caries, plaque, calculus and gingival inflammation.



Use for patient's portrait, single tooth, quadrant, arch, or smile images.


Caries are detected as red, while the surrounding tissue is displayed in black and white.


Use to highlight gingival inflammation, plaque, and calculus. Gingival inflammation ranges from hues of pink to magenta, plaque is grainy white, and calculus ranges from yellow to dark orange (the older the calculus, the darker it will fluoresce).


3 modes for 3 needs: Daylight Mode, Caries Mode and Perio Mode

Highlight plaque, gingival inflammation and caries

  • Unmatchable communication tool in the dental practice
  • Fully compatible with all imaging software


07 FAQ

PERIO mode and CARIO mode … differences and common points.

What fluoresces in caries?

Some inter collagen links are broken because of an acid attack which induces a fluorescence signal modification. The food detritus fluoresce also in red, so if there is a red alert in CARIO mode, make a professional cleaning to confirm the caries.

What fluoresces in old dental plaque?

When the dental plaque is calcifying, external bacteria (foods, sugar, etc.) are caught.

Why doesn't the new dental plaque fluoresce?

This is because the plaque is not calcified, and the bacteria are not caught yet.


What does the dark color mean in CARIO mode?

With SOPROCARE, the detritus and active caries appear in red and the arrested caries appear in black.

Why is there yellow color left in PERIO mode after scaling?

Indeed slight staining can remain because some detritus have penetrated into the enamel

Why do calculus fluorescence yellow or orange?

The color of the dental plaque can be different depending on dietary habits and degrees of calcification of the plaque. The more the plaque is old, the more bacterias have developed and the more it will be orange.



Yes, the DAYLIGHT mode of SOPROCARE is as effective as the DAYLIGHT mode of SOPROLIFE.

Is the compatibility of SOPROCARE different than SOPROLIFE?

No, you can connect SOPROCARE hand piece on the current installation of Sopro 617, Sopro 717 First or SOPROLIFE without any parameter settings. SOPROCARE is compatible with all SOPRO docking stations, all camera cables or with SOPRO Imaging in the same way. SOPROCARE need exactly the same recommended configuration as SOPROLIFE!

Adaptation to your dental chair, exchange of your SOPRO camera by SOPROCARE, selection of a monitor… To know how to install our fluorescence dental imaging device

Can SOPROCARE be installed on my dental chair?

Yes, we supply specific connection docks to integrate SOPROCARE in most dental units.

Is it possible to use SOPROCARE in several examination rooms?

If you work in several examination rooms, each of them can be equipped with a docking station linked to the computer or to the video screen available in this room so that you can carry and use SOPROCARE in each of the examination rooms.

Is it possible to use SOPROCARE on a simple video monitor or TV?

Yes, SOPROCARE can be delivered with a connection dock with Video and S-Video outputs.

Can I exchange my former SOPRO camera with SOPROCARE in a simple click?

If you already have a Sopro 595, a Sopro 617 or a Sopro 717, you can connect SOPROCARE hand piece on your present installation without any parameter settings.

SOPROCARE requires no special preparation for your patient and is not contraindicated

Do we need to apply a special product on the teeth prior to using SOPROCARE?


Do we need to perform a prophylactic cleaning before using the SOPROCARE CARIO mode?

No, it is useless to clean prior the first diagnostic in mode CARIO of SOPROCARE. Cleaning with sodium bicarbonate of the suspicious fissure(s) is recommended in order to confirm the carious signal.

Is the blue light from SOPROCARE dangerous for the patient or the dentist?

No, SOPROCARE emits no ultra-violet wave.

Is SOPROCARE advised for children and pregnant women?

Yes, of course. SOPROCARE is free from any ionizing rays and is the perfect caries diagnosis aid tool for children and pregnant women.

The dental fluorescence imaging device SOPROCARE is a real plug and play. Its tips only must be sterilized by autoclave.

Must SOPROCARE be calibrated before use?


Can we sterilize SOPROCARE at the autoclave?

No. SOPROCARE must be used with intra-oral barriers supplied with the product. You can contact your dealer to purchase other dental barriers. 

Can we sterilize the black tips at the autoclave?

Yes, they can be sterilized at 134°C - 2 bars - 18 minutes. We nevertheless advise you to change these tips after about fifty cycles of sterilization.

Use of the tips supplied, use of the buttons and other devices… To know how to manipulate your dental imaging device by fluorescence.


What is the use of the black tips supplied with SOPROCARE?

The protective tip allows to isolate SOPROCARE from any external light during its use in Fluorescence mode. It is also advised to move the light of the scialytic so that it is not directed at the patient’s mouth.


How to freeze a frame?

SOPROCARE is equipped with a SoproTouch (Sopro trademark). You just have to brush the SoproTouch once the selected image appears on screen. The image is automatically freezed on screen and saved in your software if it is configured accordingly. If you prefer using a remote control pedal rather than the SoproTouch to freeze the image, you just have to plug the pedal (supplied as option) on the docking station (if this one is equipped with a pedal input). In this configuration, the SoproTouch is inhibited.

Compatibility of your SOPROCARE, supplied softwares... To know all of the software part of your dental imaging device by fluorescence.

Is it possible to use SOPROCARE with a computer?

Yes, because SOPROCARE can be delivered with a docking station with a USB 2.0 output.

What is the recommended configuration for Windows®?

Operating system: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB
Hard disk: 1TB
USB Ports: 4 USB2 Hi-Speed ports
Graphic card : Chipset Nvidia® or ATI® 512MB unshared memory compatible DirectX 9 or more
USB Chipset: Intel or NEC / RENESAS
Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 or more

What is the recommended configuration for MAC ®?

Computer:  iMac 27”
Operating system: Mac OS X El Capitan
Processor: Intel Core i7
RAM:  4GB 

Is it possible to use SOPROCARE with my current imaging software?

Yes, SOPROCARE is compatible with all imaging softwares.

Is SOPROCARE supplied with an imaging software?

Yes. If you do not have any imaging software or want to use the Sopro Imaging software for its friendly-use, it is supplied with SOPROCARE.

Why is the Sopro Imaging software equipped with a module specific for SOPROCARE?

Sopro Imaging proposes, further to its standard image acquisition mode, a mode of acquisition and of consultation offering a complete dental status of the patient. This status gives also access to a very useful comparison mode during the follow-up of the patient in time as well as a direct access to the consultation of the Clinical booklet.

Is SOPROCARE compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10?

Our camera drivers will load and correctly function under Windows 7, 8 and 10 in both the 32 and 64 bit environments. Please be sure to direct the Microsoft Hardware Wizard to use the drivers on the CD or to use those downloaded from our website. You may receive a warning that the driver set is unsigned but this can be safely ignored. 

All about the cleaning and maintenance of your SOPROCARE.

How to clean SOPROCARE?

SOPROCARE can be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe (Type Septol from Pierre Rolland).

Which cleaning products are prohibited on SOPROCARE?

No products with ammoniac, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, ammonium chloride , aromatic and chloride hydrocarbons, Methylene chloride, cetones, which can damage the plastic parts.

Warranty period

What is the warranty period of  SOPROCARE ?

The standard warranty period is 24 months.


This medical device is classified IIb according to the current applicable European Directive. It is CE marked. Notified Body : CE 0459 LNE-GMED. This medical devices dedicated to dental cares is restricted to health staff ; it is not reimbursed by health insurance organizations. This device was developed and manufactured according to the EN ISO 13485 quality control certification system. Read carefully the user manual. Manufacturer : SOPRO (France).



SOPRO Camera Brochure.pdf
SOPRO Camera Brochure
US and Canada Imaging catalogue.pdf
US and Canada Imaging Catalogue


011806--B (MULTI - Consulting Mode ACTEON - eIFU)


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011809-Multi--C (2022-09_S617 S717f S900 S950 C50_QS)
011816-Multi--A (Sleeves S617 S717f S900 S950 C50 - QS)


User manual SoproCare_UK.pdf
User manual SoproCare_UK

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